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Did I Mention Alcohol Is Allowed In This Diet?

The ketogenic diet is a style of eating that consists of consuming high amounts of fat, low amounts of carbohydrates and an adequate amount of protein.

How is alchohol good in this diet?

Of course, alcohol is great in moderation. Alcohol is not easily assimilated by the human body so your body uses more energy and more energy used up means more heat which makes fat loss in "autopilot". But remember, drink it in moderation to not overwork your liver because the liver plays a massive role in the ketogenic diet. In the first eBook which you will receive (The Keto Project), there will be a chart on how much alcohol you can consume and which drinks are high in carbs which you should avoid.

This diet is mostly about eating lots of fat? Aren't fats bad for you?

Let's end the confusion here, fats don't make you "fat" unless you're eating the bad kinds of fat which are found in most junk foods (trans fats). Fats are essential to the body's overall nutrition. There are 3 macro-nutrients the body needs, they are protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Without fats your body will not be able to assimilate healthy foods into nutrients properly, it drops your testosterone levels like crazy, and surprisingly, not eating enough fats will lead to heart disease/s!

The fats I'm talking about are the good fats which are from butter, avocados, coconut oils and more. Eating these with your diet will make fat loss a breeze.

Are there any celebrities who have embraced the ketogenic diet?

Kim Kardashian

Drew Carrey

Jonah Hill

That's just to name a few. So what will you receive we you purchase here? (By clicking the Get Instant Access button under the video at the top of the page)

You will receive:

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The Keto Project contains the information necessary to start the ketogenic diet.

Some Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet Include: